Go-to Wardrobe Staples Every Girl Should Have

Whether your all for shopping the latest trends or prefer an effortless outfit based on staple pieces, there are a handful of basics that form the eye of every wardrobe. These compatible pieces are the key to style. From your favourite denim jacket to that repeatedly worn striped shirt, these staples will trend all year round.

Below are some of my go-to wardrobe staples that I wear regularly on a day to day basis.

I’ll include links beneath them all to some of my fave places to purchase them from

That one pair of jeans you wear atleast 7 times a week.

Yes, every girl doesn’t want but NEEDS a pair of staple jeans that they can’t live without. Why? Jeans can be dressed up or down depending on the occasion. Pairing a T with some platform Connie’s when your heading out for the day shopping, lunch or coffee, they just work for a causal outfit in general. Pair them with a classy silk spaghetti string singlet with a belt and open toe heels for date night... jeans are the bomb! A good pair of jeans can be quite expensive, however there are many affordable places to find that perfect pair, and let me tell you.. they’ll last a life time. And will anyone notice when you wear them again and again? No way, because us girls know how to put together a rad outfit to cover it up.




A Backpack to Carry Your Life

For me personally, I prefer a nice roomy backpack, compatible with pockets and zips over carrying a handbag on my arm or shoulder. The benefits of this is that you are still able to carry other things, having both arms empty. I, myself, invested in a cute black leather backpack and it holds more than I need. I can put my phone, wallet, sunnies, makeup, water- literally anything in it! And the best thing is, you’ll never leave it behind or stress about losing it because it’s stuck to your back haha but seriously.. best investment ever!

There are so many cute designs, colours and shapes of different backpacks and they are the most convenient wardrobe must have that I have come across, and even better- they’re an all year round trend. Backpacks are so on trend that i think it’ll never not be a thing. Who wants to carry a handbag around all day shopping or at a festival and putting it down then leaving it behind? Definitely not me!



All White Sneaks

A pair of plain white fashion sneakers are my go to shoes and they come to the rescue on those days where you just cant bring yourself to show your not so pretty pedicure or give yourself sore ankles in heels or tall boots. They are perfect to team up with jeans and a T, cute dresses, active wear or just denim anything! I’m talking any sort of white sneaker, dressy or non-dressy, they are super easy to style with different outfits depending on your occasion.



A Pair of Those Ever-so Complimenting Tights

Who doesn’t have a pair of tights that make their booty pop? Tights or leggings, whichever you prefer, are definitely a must have wardrobe feature. Whether your off to the gym, work or just having a day of activity or jobs, high waisted tights are the biggest go to. It’s best to look for structured leggings with stretch, support and good feel- this way they’ll be far more flattering on your body. Style them with some trainers, Birkenstocks or those must have all white sneakers, these leggings will be filling up majority of your closet. These are probably the most popular staple in my wardrobe because they are so quick and easy to pair with another piece of clothing and they don’t necessarily have to be expensive. You don’t need to force yourself to spend $120 on that popular labelled brand, yeah they are most likely very good quality, but there are so many affordable shops in which you can find the perfect fitting tights that suit your body shape so well that still have the same quality to that of those super exxy pair of tights.


Basic B&W Striped Shirt

A striped shirt, black and white of course is a great wardrobe staple to always have. They can be dressed up or down, for luncheons or classy events, painting the house or just for a casual day to day outfit, this type or T is the key to style. I tend to feel as though i repeat myself wearing it so much that I now have several different types of black and white striped tops.. i seem like a crazy stripe lady i know; and you wont believe how affordable they are! Having that basic wardrobe trend is super affordable so there doesn’t have to be that stress of not having the cash money right on hand. I for one, wouldn’t even spend $40 on a striped shirt.. so treat yourself and feel good about it.




Oh That Denim Jacket

Most of the time when i patch together different outfits, i always end up with my denim jacket on top. It is such a timeless and effortless piece that i think everyone should have at least one in their wardrobe. I personally like to buy good quality denim jackets because trust me, it is going to become something that you wear for a lifetime. Depending on you the style you like, denim jackets come in a lot of different makes. You can buy them to be purposely over sized, roll up the sleeves and pair it with a cute pencil skirt. Colour is also everything when it comes to choosing the right denim jacket, a lot of the time you are able to tell the quality of a denim jacket through the colour. Now, my go to denim jacket is literally just plain denim with two pockets in the top and metal buttons down the middle, this is my personal choice, however, for those really wanting to out-do their fashion sense, pre-ripped denim jackets are a huge trend in the fashion industry.







Hannah Calub