Why a blog?

Easy Peasy.

I was inspired; and having that spark really motivated me to step outside of my comfort zone and push myself to do something that I had never yet, done before. I was constantly doubting myself and failure lurked. I always questioned myself, the list is endless but I felt like I had something to give.

I followed so many different social media influencers, entrepreneurs and bloggers. I spent hours on end watching their youtube channels and observed and compared the different types of strategies that they all used. Its crazy to believe how easy it can really be! I've always had an eye for this sort or work and the one woman who pushed me to begin my own blog, is Marina Degiovanni. I read an e-book of hers called 'A lifestyle bloggers guide', and within reading the first 10 pages I was instantly hooked and my passion to create a blog sky rocket'ed and I literally began that day.

I wanted to create something that helped inspire and motivate women for whatever reason. Maybe it could be going for a run each day or starting a blog like myself. Just anything to influence women and their dreams. I want to create interesting content. Content that will draw people in and content that these women can relate to in some sort of way.. so a blog? I thought would be the perfect solution for me.

Starting it.. thats a whole other story. Trying to find the right website to create my blog wasn't too difficult. In Marina's e-book she listed everything step-by-step so you can't miss a thing. To get my head around actually choosing a specific niche to blog about, then create content along with a whole blog to design from scratch. It was super time consuming and to say the least, frustrating. It took me around a month to actually have my blog organised the way I'd imagined and have content ready to go, but if I do say, it is something that I am so proud of myself for.

So by all means, if you there is something on your mind, something that you've been wanting to do or begin or start, its out there waiting for you. You just need to find that spark to help inspire you and it will kick start your journey, like mine.



Hannah Calub