My name is Hannah and welcome to my blog Silk Lemon; an online platform to all things health, fitness, lifestyle and beauty. I am fueled by my passion for this through understanding a woman's inspiration and my own personal eye from observing the trend in today's society.

Born and raised in a small town on the East Coast of Australia, my desire to create this blog begun when i kept finding myself filling with inspiration and thoughts from YouTube videos to following social influencers and blogs to then, my own passion for health, fitness and all things beauty. This is what I wanted.

To write and post things as such, has been an excuse out of my everyday life and I am now able to document the things that i love. My determination to begin blogging has contributed to my immense engagement with my followers and given me the urge to continue creating great content.

I want this blog to inspire women to pursue what they love through my content and advice; to feel bigger and better and to not underestimate their capabilities. My blog will be a place for people to come to for inspiration and that extra motivational push. I write to that woman who’s had her eye on that black dress or the woman who wants to write her own whole foods cookbook. It's out there waiting for you..

We inspire each other..

This is how I got here.. this is where I began.